BigRep | How Vestas Manufactures Windmills with 3D Printed Jigs and Fixtures

    December 1

    Manufacturing massive sustainable energy solutions requires equally massive tools to do the job. When Vestas needed to replace the jigs and fixtures that helped construct their towering windmills, they turned to BigRep for a large-format additive manufacturing system to produce the tooling they need.

    CAMWorks | Using CAD/CAM Automation to Enable Remote Manufacturing

    December 2

    The current COVID-19 environment has disrupted organizations throughout the world and is chaning the landscape of manufacturing. According to a recent survey by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), 80% of manufacturers expect that the pandemic will have financial impact on their business. CAMWorks provides the collaboration and automation tools to keep production running at full capacity. 

    Autodesk | The Future of Connected PCB Design is Here

    December 2

    See how Fusion 360 is unifying the PCB design workflow, by bridging the existing gaps between the disparate design tools, into one comprehensive and unified cloud-based design platform.

    Eurotech | Rapido Workshop Training

    December 1-3

    This 3 day long Eurotech Rapido online Workshop Training Class is from 1:00pm - 5:00pm.  

    Universal Robots | How to Identify Good Collaborative Robot Projects

    December 8

    Statistics show that collaborative automation is the fastest growing segment in the industry, and for good reason: cobots are safe, easy to use, and quick to deploy. Cobots can even work well in high mix, low volume shops. To get started, you'll need to take a critical look at your operation to identify which tasks are best automated by cobots. This webinar will help you walk through that process to ensure that cobots are a good fit for your application(s). 

    MakerBot | Additive Manufacturing: Driving the Future in the Automotive Industry

    December 8-9

    Additive Manufacturing is playing an important role in shaping the global automotive landscape offering a versatile technology that supports auto companies as they pursue performance, growth, and innovation making manufacturing more efficient, improving the speed to market of certain parts and systems, and decreasing the number of conventional steps in the design process. 

    CR Onsrud | Discover the Latest in High-Speed Aluminum Machining of Large Parts - Meet the USA made Hybrid Mill

    December 9

    Do you machine large aluminum parts? Join C.R. Onsrud for an informative webinar on the latest in large-part machining technology: the 2021 Hybrid Mill. Dive deep into how this, made in the USA, 5-axis mill combines FANUC controls and high-RPM spindles to rip through aluminum at over 150cu-in/min, while offering an affordable, yet capable, solution for the aerospace, mold and die, marine, and other large-part applications. 

    Autodesk | Introduction: Generative Design

    December 10

    In this 60-minute webinar, Autodesk would like to give you an introduction to the innovative technology that is changing the industry.

    Universal Robots | Cobots 101: Simplicity in Application Programming with Knotts Co.

    December 10

    Join automation experts as Universal Robots simplifies the application programming with Knotts Co. 

    Eurotech | Turret Strategies

    December 16

    This 30min 8:00am webinar will discuss how you will learn how to utilize your turret for resident and quick change turret strategies. Save time, save headaches, and save money.