Autodesk | Adaptive Innovations in Manufacturing

    April  20 - May 25 (Every Tuesday)

    A.I.M. is a weekly webinar series designed for showcasing adaptive innovations in manufacturing by Fusion 360 users in India. This event brings community interactions celebrating the course of design, innovation, and collaboration. Join today to hear experiences from experts, network with like-minded people, and interact directly with the team who brings you this award-winning software.

    Autodesk | Using a Digital Probe to Speed Up Setup Time, Eliminate Rework and Increase Your Bottom Line

    May  11

    Machining parts has come a long way since the days of setting a WCS via an mechanical edge finder and a dial indicator. Digital probes not only make our lives easier, they make us more efficient! In this webinar, Richard Stubley will walk you though all the ways you can use your probe to shorten setup times, reduce rework, and increase your shop's efficiency

    MakerBot | Surface Modeling for 3D Printing

    May 13

    Join Jason Lichtman, Sr. Technical Specialist at Fusion 360 for an advanced surface modeling live demo this May 13th at 11AM Eastern. Learn advanced surface modeling skills using real-life customer examples and how easy it is to prototype designs for 3D printing using Fusion 360° and METHOD X.

    Desktop Metal | 3D Printing for Education

    May 19

    Join this webinar to learn how educational institutions can integrate additive manufacturing into their coursework and research environments. Additive Manufacturing is poised to change our world in a very meaningful manner. Learn how to capitalize on these changes, and prepare your students for what lies ahead.

    Desktop Metal | Metal 3D Printing vs. Machining

    May 20

    Join this webinar to learn specifically about how metal 3D printing compares to traditional CNC machining; comparing material properties, part economics, and throughput will all be discussed.

    Autodesk | How to grow your CNC machining business (without buying more machines), using Fusion 360

    May 21

    Join us for this live webinar to learn how you can get more from your machinery investment, including improving speed, quality and efficiency, by using the right software.

    Fusion 360 - Machining Extension allows you to expand your manufacturing capabilities when you need to, with pay-as-you-use access to further 3, 4, 3+2 and 5-axis strategies such as Steep and Shallow, toolpath optimisation, and process automation.

    Autodesk | Create, Iterate, and Ship with Fusion 360 - Manage Extension

    May 25

    In this webinar, our technical experts will walk you through the 'ins and outs' of data management in Fusion 360. They'll cover what is included in Fusion 360 straight out of the box as well as the additional benefits of the Manage Extension, such as release process management, change management, and unique item identification. 

    Fastems | Automating Milling Machines in 2021 - Are Pallet Pools Enough?

    June 9

    Ability to deliver the right amount of a high-quality part at the right time, and to be profitable – this is the key to competitiveness in the manufacturing industries in 2021. To automate or not, how to automate, and what kind of automation to choose, there are many questions among milling machine shops that we are aiming to answer during this live webinar on June 9th. Fastems will be also presenting a successful example of machine shop starting their CNC automation journey, and providing an opportunity for all the participants to ask questions. 

    Autodesk | Accelerate 2021

    June  22 - 23

    Returning for another year, Autodesk Accelerate is back, virtually, on June 22-23. Bringing together Autodesk customers, partners, industry executives, top market analysts and subject matter experts to learn, network and share strategies for solving modern design and manufacturing challenges.

    Learn about Autodesk’s strategy and product offerings and enjoy inspirational stories from your peers on how they meet their pressing business requirements, accelerate their product development processes and increase profitability.

    Running over two days, there will be over 30 customer presentations alongside keynote speakers and industry talks.

    Don’t miss this must-attend event, save the date! Registration coming soon. 

    Haas Automation | HTEC 2021

    July 19, 20, & 21,

    For more than a decade, Haas Automation and Haas Factory Outlets across the globe have worked with local learning institutions to host Haas Technical Education Center conferences throughout North America and Europe. HTEC conferences are a great way to network with fellow educators, talk with HTEC partners, and hear from industry leaders what’s going on in the real world of advanced manufacturing. What are you waiting for? Join the conversation!

    Eurotech | Multiple Tool Holders for CNC Lathes

    July 7

    Join this Eurotech 8:00am webinar about multiple tool holders for cnc lathes. 

    Eurotech | Bump Stock or Pull Stock with Sub Spindle

    September 8

    Join this Eurotech 8:00am webinar about bump stock or pull stock with sub spindle.

    BigRep | AM Industry Summit

    September 13-15

    RAPID + TCT is North America's largest and most important additive manufacturing event. 


    November 16-18

    Connect - Learn - Advance. Located at the Long Beach Convention Center in Southern California, this powerful face-to-face event is where technology and advanced manufacturing unite.

    Eurotech | Tool Probe Calibration Procedure

    December 8, 2021

    Join this Eurotech 8:00am webinar about tool probe calibration procedure.